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  1. J J Nielsen
    J J Nielsen at |

    How much do I need to drink each morning? The whole 8 glasses or just one 8 oz glass? If only one glass full, then do I drink more throughout the day or is it only to be drink each morning?

  2. Vera
    Vera at |

    one gallon? or one 8oz glass? per day?

  3. Jewell Franklin
    Jewell Franklin at |

    How much to drink each morning?

  4. Sabina
    Sabina at |

    Any side effects?

  5. Emily
    Emily at |

    Just to make it clear, this recipe is for the 4 days and you only drink 1 8oz glass per day, right?!?!?!…thx

  6. Nisha
    Nisha at |

    Is this really effective

  7. Rose
    Rose at |

    Hellow i have a little confusion is it the same mixture that i have prepared day one i will be consuming one glass from it everyday? or i have to make the new one everyday?

  8. Anna
    Anna at |

    Am I allowed to eat after drinking this, or is the point to drink it on an empty stomach and fast for the morning?

  9. Jules
    Jules at |

    Do you use a new cucumber and ginger etc each day or just refill the glass with water every day

    1. Dee
      Dee at |

      I hate that they are not clear with the directions.

      1. grace
        grace at |

        I use this mixture, but I make a fresh litre every day. I make it in my water bottle and sip it throughout the day. It works and u can see results within a few days, especially around the belly. I will drink it for five days and then stop for a few days, start again. I also drink tap or bottled water in between to prevent heartburn. I also read that too much lemon thins the blood, thus also the reason for having 2-4 cups of bottled or tap water without anything in.

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