A Health Bomb Which Is 100% Natural!

Health Bomb


This is a recipe thank to which you won’t need to go to the chemist’s in the near future.

It is very beneficial when it comes to boosting your immunity an it is the ideal remedy for the oncoming season of flu and colds.


  • one ginger root of medium size
  • two lemons
  • 500 grams of honey


Wash the lemons and chop them well. Peel the ginger and chop it too.

Then, put them in a clean glass jar or one liter. Add the honey and make sure there is a space left at the top.

Let it sit for a day for the lemon and the ginger to free their juices.

Close the jar well and put it in the fridge for one to two months. When this period has passed, the mixture has got the form of a jelly. You can also use some water to dilute it if you want.

The adults should consume two tablespoons of it a day, and the children one to two teaspoons a day.

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Source: canceraltsolutions.org

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