How To Cut Your Portions

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If you want to lose weight, these tips can be helpful.

One of the safest ways to slim down is to cut your meals portions, follow these easy steps:

  1. Drink a glass of water

It will make you feel less hungry, for sure. You are helping your organism with hydration, and sometimes low water intake can be a cause of your hunger.

  1. Enrich every meal with vegetables

Add vegetables to every meal you cook, whenever you can, be it pasta, sandwich, or seafood dish. Vegetables can fill you up while they are low calorie and nutrient high.

  1. Add colors to your plate

It is proven that people, who eat on plates which color doesn’t contrast with the color of their food, eat 22% more food, so it is believed when your food contrasts the plate it’s served on, you can judge the amount of food more accurately and avoid over eating.

  1. Add Carbs, Don’t Add to Carbs

If you must eat carbs, try adding them to your meat rather than preparing a meal based on carbs. Don’t have a bowl of granola and then top it with fruit and yogurt, have yogurt and top it with a little bit of granola!

Apply the same rule when preparing pasta. Grill vegetables and meat and then add some pasta to it.

  1. Limit Portion Size

If you want to eat some less healthy food, it is advised to limit your portion. Serve some chocolate, chips, or cookies on the plate, or put it in a bowl, and leave the box in the kitchen. This is a way to limit your snack.

Source: www.wellmindness.com

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